18 2 / 2013

stablish.me beta 0.9.1 release

Your talents - your job.

Says it all. The new stablish.me beta 0.9.1 release brings a big advantage to all users with a well-kept profile. We have integrated 287’515 job opportunities for Switzerland and 57’463’494 positions worldwide coming from 69’627 websites to our newly launched job section. A user sees an extract from all these job opportunities that match his profile. 

While it takes ages to find a matching job with current text-based postings, stablish.me visualizes the requirements for a job, saving the user precious browsing time through the fast recognizability. One simple click takes the user to the according corporate website where he can apply.

The job section with an easy to use filter will be available for everyone. stablish.me users have several advantages like finding jobs that match their profile, getting email alerts when a new job opportunity is available or applying with their credible skill portfolio and there is much more to come.

Users have now the possibility to fill their profile with up to 6 badges. These badges will help our users to be recognised for their skills from the very beginning and enables everyone to benefit from our job matching. Of course our algorithm weights these badges less than those someone receives from his friends, co-workers or network-contacts.

2013-02-18 changelog (v.09.1302):

- worldwide job opportunities matching a user’s profile

- filling the own profile with up to 6 badges (3 skills & 3 personality traits) to  kick-start your stablish.me experience

- minor bug fixes

We won’t rest.

There is still much more to come so stay tuned. If you’re willing to share your experience, give feedback or ask for advice then please drop us a note at info@stablish.me