27 3 / 2013

Hiltl and stablish.me launch fan badges


stablish.me is more than happy to announce it’s collaboration with the vegetarian restaurant Hiltl in Zurich and the launch of it’s new fan badge section at the same time. 

The traditional vegetarian restaurant Hiltl stands for the best vegetarian food in Zurich and beyond. Established in 1898 Hiltl is the world’s oldest vegetarian restaurant, but has never grown tired in marching down new paths.

stablish.me on the other hand is well-known for helping talents to visualize their skills, personality traits and professional achievements in a credible & playful way through peers.

We’re very proud to kick-off the fan badges with two versions of Hiltl badges; one for the vegetarian restaurant and one for the Club Hiltl.

Fan badges allow anyone to show his brand preferences by either giving the badge to oneself or to a friend who clearly has a preference for Hiltl or Club Hiltl. More brands are following the example of Hiltl and the releases of more  fan badges will follow in the upcoming weeks. Hiltl Fans can already give away or secure their own Hiltl badge on stablish.me.

So if you can’t live without the great vegetarian food from Hiltl anymore than get your Hiltl badge on stablish.me and if you love the parties at Club Hiltl then get your Club Hiltl badge now and benefit from special offers. 

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